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Recently Aden + Anais graciously sent me the mum + bub skin care line to try. Since hearing the news that one was in the works…I continuously checked the website for updates on it’s release. As many of you know I am a HUGE fan of their products and more importantly so is Naomi. I don’t know what we would have done without their swaddle blankets (which for those of you who use them, know they are so much more than just a swaddle blanket) and now Naomi sleeps in their sleeping bags and with their Issie’s every night. Trust me on this if you are looking for a baby shower gift Aden + Anais is the way to go. You really can’t go wrong with their blankets, bibs, washcloths, or sleeping bags….and now SKIN CARE!

I know a lot of mom’s don’t really stress about which bath products they use on their babies. However when Naomi was born and there she was with the softest, brand new and beautiful skin…the last thing I wanted to do to her is cover it with chemicals. We’ve all heard the stories of companies like Johnson and Johnson having chemicals and carcinogens in their baby skin care products. That right there was enough to make me realize natural and organic skin care was something I wanted for my baby.

The mum + bub skin care line is made with pawpaw fruit and has an amazing and light sandalwood scent to it. We always tend to stick to unscented products because they are gentle on Naomi’s skin and I’m not a fan of smelling like a baby when I go into work or even at home with my husband (it’s hard to feel grown up or beautiful when you smell like your babies butt cream). I know Josh doesn’t want to leave the house smelling like lavender either. This line leaves you and baby feeling AND smelling fabulous.

If I had to recommend one thing out of the entire line, hands down it would be the soothing ointment. Naomi gets her fair share of rashes and scrapes and the ointment works wonders on them both. It definitely works better then my now OLD favorite California Baby Calendula Cream. However this ointment is definitely not just for babies. I use it daily on my lips and cuticles. Josh says it smells like cake, but most importantly I have NEVER found a product that left my lips feeling so good and silky soft. I have a nervous habit of biting my lips and it always leaves them dry and chapped. I’ve spent countless dollars on products from Clinique to Chanel and funny enough I found my favorite in a baby product. I’ve recommended it to my friends without kids as well.

The mum + bub line is free of:

  • Phytoestrogen
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum oils
  • Phthalates
  • Dioxanes from sulfates
  • Gluten and Soy
  • Artificial Colors
  • DEA
  • Petrochemicals

Needless to say this line did not disappoint and I had high expectations! I think they picked the perfect name since I’ve noticed I am always using it for myself and not just for Naomi. The products are available at and while you are there check out all the amazing products they have to offer. I’m very eager to try the Dream blanket next now that Naomi is bigger and the “Up, Up and Away” Crib Sheets will be a must have when we are ready for another baby.


A Room For Naomi

We turned our dining room into a play area for Naomi. At first Josh cringed at the idea, but now he is totally in love with the way it turned out. Plus the dining room furniture in the sunroom looks amazing so it was a win-win situation. We wanted a space where everything was in reach for Naomi so she could choose what she wanted to play with and a nice foam floor that provided a soft landing for her when she falls down. I’d like to add one more floor shelving unit so her things aren’t so crammed together, but I’m happy with how the space has turned out.

Our next task is transforming her nursery into an area she can roam freely in as well. I like knowing an area is completely safe for her to touch and explore everything around her. I’m really interested in the whole concept of a Montessori bedroom for her…what I’m not crazy about is probably the week straight it would take for her to get used to sleeping without crib rails. However I know she’d like to be able to get out of bed when she’s ready and play with her stuff. Most likely I’ll wait to make the transistion once she’s 1 year old and walking on her own. The photos below show examples of Montessori style bedrooms. Floor beds, shelves where a baby/toddler can reach everything, and objects on eye level for them instead of adults are all primary examples of components you’d find in them.





I <3 Zara

Now that Naomi is nearing “Toddlerhood” I love seeing her in more grown up outfits as opposed to the ever popular onesie. I’m in love with Zara’s line for little one’s and had to share some of my absolute favorite items. I desperately want to add at least one of these to her spring wardrobe.

Zara Denim Pinafore Dress 

 Zara Floral Print Jumpsuit

 Zara Striped Shirt Dress

 Zara T-Shirt

Zara Leather Peep Toe

Zara Denim Jumpsuit

The Weekend

This weekend started off with an amazing date night with Josh. We were given tickets to the Magic Game and got to enjoy the game from a Founder’s Suite. I must say it’s the

BEST way to experience a game. We had the perfect view, tasty food, and all the drinks we wanted. It was a fabulous time and the Magic won 🙂 We can’t wait to take Naomi one day and get her a little jersey. I think it’s funny that after something fun, Josh and I always talk about how we can’t wait to share that experience with Naomi next time.

Saturday marked the two year anniversary of the loss of one of our friends, Rob.        Naomi and I spent some time with his dear family that day (Josh had to work). I’m thankful for the blessing of his friendship and also for introducing us to his family. It’s rare to meet a family like theirs in today’s world. There are people in life where you can see God’s love shine through them, and they are that kind of family.

I can’t explain the feeling that came over me while I watched Naomi play along side his beautiful niece. It made me sad knowing he couldn’t physically be there with us while we laughed with the girls as they played… it also made me realize once again the amazing blessings and joy that these two young girls brought to the lives around them. While the world is filled with things that bring sadness…it is also filled with many blessings…those blessings are what keep us going. I always say “babies are the biggest blessing”, because it’s true. There is something magical about seeing the world through a young child’s eyes. Their innocence and pure joy can bring light to the darkest moments.

On Sunday morning Naomi got quite the surprise from her Grandma and Grandpa…an amazing swing set! She absolutely loves being outside and swinging. She crawled and banged on the front door so I’d take her back later in the afternoon. I know where she will be spending most of her time now. She’s a lucky little lady!

Tyler Florence To The Rescue!

Lately we’ve been exposing Naomi to a vast amount of foods and textures. We’ve discovered she loves omelets (especially chicken fajita ones lol), could eat pancakes faster than I can cut them, and still hates things that are sweet so we have to mask fruit with rice or oatmeal. I love being able to make her homemade meals, but sometimes between juggling work and mommyhood premade organic pouches are an amazing thing!

Naomi loves Plum Organic products (especially their Puffs) and we recently tried out a new line of babyfood called Sprout co-founded by famous chef Tyler Florence. I was intrigued by the flavor combinations and meal selections they offered, like Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese, Pumpkin Pie, Ginger Chicken, Summer Squash Yukon Gold Potatoes and Parmesan, and Pasta with Lentil Bolognese. The real test came when it was time for Naomi to give it a try. Last week I made her homemade pasta with chedder, parmesan cheese, and carrots. It was a hit so we decided to let her taste test the Sprout Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese first. The results…


SCORE: A perfect “3 squeals with delight”







I definitely think you should try the line for your little one. Naomi is picky when it comes to the premade stuff so the fact that she enjoyed this straight out of the pouch was pretty awesome. We all have our moments when homemade just isn’t an option…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Naomi is finally feeling better from her cold, but Josh and I now have one. She was very excited when we put on her St. Patrick’s Day tutu from her cousin Landon. It was the first huge smile I’ve seen in days so it made me so happy to see her feeling better. She wore the tutu ALL day long until it was time for bed. Simply adorable!

DVF for Gap has Arrived!

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I’m not going to lie…having a little girl is so much fun when it comes to fashion. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the DVF line for Gap Kids to become available and TODAY is the day! Let the shopping begin!!

Dear Naomi

Dear Naomi,

Today you are 9 months old! Last night you woke up half an hour after falling asleep tossing and turning in your crib. I could tell your teeth were bothering you, but you try your hardest not to cry and fuss. That’s the way you are, you might stay awake for a few hours in your crib crawling around, chew and hug on your lovie, stand up and cruise around the crib in circles while you hold onto the crib, “taste test” each and every pacifier you can find in there, and try your hardest to fall back asleep on your own. Sometimes you do, and sometimes, if you just can’t take it any longer you let out a few moans and I know you need a quick visit from Mommy. Your new favorite thing is to bend your head back all the way so that I’ll kiss your neck. You giggle, smile at me, and then do it again and again. After a minute or two you go right back into your crib and eventually you go back to sleep until the morning.

Last night was different. No matter how hard you tried, and even after a few visits from Mommy and a phone call to Daddy nothing helped. Around 11 p.m. your nose started to run like crazy and from that point on there was really no sleep to be had.  Luckily we have a doctors appointment today anyways…you are supposed to get a shot, but I’m going to postpone it until next week when you are feeling better. You are way too uncomfortable to cause you any more distress. Nothing is worse for a mommy then having to see your little baby sick and unable to rest. You are such a trooper though and still giggle and smile when I bring out your favorite things. (Violet, Wink the blabla Grandma got you, Sophie, and your Baby Einstein Discovery Balls)

Your 1st Birthday is quickly approaching and I really am in awe at how much you change every day.We’ve been working a lot on sign language. You definitely understand the sign for milk and every morning when your playing I walk over to you, sign “milk”, and you bolt towards the coffee table where you know your bottle is waiting for you. It’s pretty amazing. We always assumed your first word would be “dog” and sure enough that’s the sign you make all the time! You never get tired of seeing the doggies and going outside.

You’ve started making letter sounds…we’ve been waiting on “Mama” or “Dada”, but you like to say “Fu”…that makes Daddy and I laugh and scared at the same time…one day you’ll know why. Let’s just say there is a word we wouldn’t want to put in the baby book as your 1st real word!

I never imagined a baby could crawl so fast…you are a little speed racer. I used to be able to put you on one side of the play room and know it’s safe to grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen because you couldn’t make it far enough to cause trouble in that short amount of time. Now I can’t even turn my back for a second! Oh and the climbing…you definitely are our little monkey. You spend more time standing now then anything. I’m pretty sure you’ll be walking by my “Happy 10 Month” letter.

You love your food…especially table food instead of puree. Anything Daddy and I are eating you want. You really love pancakes, omelettes, mac and cheese with carrots, and Puffs. Some days you want to eat solids all day long, and others you stick mainly to your bottle (I’m pretty sure due to teething). Regardless it seems like the eating never stops.

Every morning and evening you like to visit your “friend” in the mirror. You scream with delight and give your reflection kisses. It makes Daddy and I think you’d absolutely love a little brother or sister…and oh the trouble two “little monkeys” could cause!

I’m very excited for this next month. I want to have lots of outdoor fun with you since the weather is nice and warm. I think a family beach day is much needed! We’ll wake Daddy up early on Saturday if you are feeling better so we can play in the sand.

Love You Bunches and Bunches, (Feel Better)



When I was a little girl I had a huge collection of porcelain dolls that lined my closet. The funny thing is for the majority of my childhood I was a tomboy so those dolls never left the shelf. Instead the closest thing to dolls I played with were GI Joes. I’m sure those porcelain dolls are packed away somewhere in my parent’s attic and maybe one day Naomi will have an interest in them.

I feel like having a “collection” of something is a part of childhood. I mean whether it is stamps, Thomas the Tank Engine trains, bugs, Beanie Babies, baseball cards, comics, or Barbies (which hopefully Naomi will never have an interest in) every kid collects something. It made me wonder what Naomi will collect as she gets older. For now I’m going to start her a collection of Blabla dolls. They are unbelievably cute, hand made, and Naomi always has one in her crib or with her in the carseat when we are going for a drive.

Blabla Dolls are handmade by artisans in Peru. They are ridiculously soft and cuddly, not to mention absolutley adorable and whimsical. I love that Naomi can play with them, toss them around, bend them back and forth, and even sit on them (and yes she likes to do all of those things) and it’s not like we have to worry about them breaking.  One of my favorite things is to see her cuddling into them at night on the video monitor or see her hold them above her face when she wakes up in the middle of the night talk to it and then go back to sleep. I’m glad she has a little “friend” to keep her company in the middle of the night so she doesn’t feel alone.

When we go out people always seem to ask about them so I decided I’d share with all of you this amazing collection if you haven’t discovered it yet. They are great because they are made for both boys and girls and there are all different kinds to choose from….Bugaloos, Classic Dolls, Giant Dolls, and even tiny rattles and mobiles. Below are some pictures of these amazing Blabla’s:

8 Months is Lots of Fun

Naomi has really started changing a lot these last few weeks! I can’t believe she will be 9 months old next week already. Here are a couple pictures from this past month…

Naomi is really starting to love solids, especially when we let her eat real food and not puree. In the picture below she is full of smiles after enjoying Mac and Cheese with a side of Sweet Potato and Apple Bites.









Naomi is “cruising” which is walking while holding onto furniture. It’s very exciting that she might be walking at 9 months like her Mommy did. Exciting and scary…. Where did my baby go?? This is a picture of her playing with the Zany Zoo Daddy got her 🙂









On March 1st my mom turned 50! My dad planned quite the celebration and it was a weekend full of surprises. These are pictures taken at her birthday dinner.












Naomi got to have another play date with Crosby in the park. I had to explain to her you don’t make friends by trying to steal their food. I can’t wait until these two are big enough to chase eachother around playing tag….which at the rate they are growing will be any day now 😉







We were also lucky this month to get to spend time with Landon! Naomi is so blessed to have such a loving cousin. He is so sweet and gentle with her it amazes me. My only wish is that he lived closer so time together could be a regular thing. (I’m also eager to see the other pictures captured on the good camera of these two)









This past month has brought a lot of fun memories and changes….and oh yes our “toothless girl” has two bottom teeth that have made their debut!! I have to say this age rocks…last night Josh and I laughed so hard with Naomi on the couch as she screamed with delight and begged for more kisses on her neck from her Daddy. ADORABLE!

Baby’s 1st Easter Basket?

This will be Noami’s 1st Easter. Easter baskets are usually full of candy and thing’s a baby can’t have so I decided to search around for some cute ideas to fill a basket perfect for a baby. Here are some of the things I’ve found and wanted to share with other moms who might be searching for Easter ideas as well. Now if only I could choose!!

1. Kid O Floating Ducks

Naomi loves bath time as I’m sure your baby does as well. These are the perfect addition for baby’s bath time fun.









Bunnies By The Bay Blanket

Naomi has a tiny travel version and sleeps with it nightly. It’s great because you can have them personalized with their name on it. They are so soft and cuddly. They offer boy and girl friendly versions.









Haba’s Sunni Clutching Toy

I love Haba products because they are made from natural baby safe materials. I’m a huge fan of wood toys over plastic. Naomi loves to put her Haba toy’s in her mouth because they can get to just the right spot for her teething gums. I think this one is perfect for an Easter basket.









Peter Rabbit Organic Food

Candy is obviously not an option for a baby, so why not get some yummy food pouches instead. You can’t go wrong with the cute Peter Rabbit design for Easter, plus it’s organic which is a must in my book!







Blabla Mirabelle Doll

Naomi LOVES her hand knit dolls! She sleeps with them every night now and I love to watch her cuddling them on the video monitor. It melts my heart every time! I love the cute pink rabbit design for girls, but they also make a perfect rabbit for a little boy.









Peter Rabbit Little Box of Books

Growing up I had a box of my own, but these are perfect for a young baby who is bound to mouth them more than read them 😉









Little Giraffe Blanket

They have a great assortment of Easter friendly colors and are quite simply the softest blanket I’ve felt for a baby. I can’t wait for Naomi to start cuddling up under a blanket at night. It’s definitely on the “luxury” side when it comes to blankets.









Wonderworld Bunny Walker

This will NOT fit into a basket, but I had to include this on the list. You could forget a “basket” all together and get your baby this instead. You can’t beat the cute hopping bunnies that move along with each of your baby’s steps. It’s made from wood and will be something you’ll want to keep around for your grandkids one day.










Have fun finding just the right stuff for your little one’s 1st Easter! Most importantly remember they won’t remember what you got them, and that’s not what Easter should be about. So just remember to enjoy every second of your day with your baby and family because that’s much more important than what’s inside that basket. 🙂